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“I address you, my consecrated children, as Supreme Pontiff and I wish to call you again to the deep Love of my EUCHARISTIC HEART. In the only true eternal Sanctuary, in a supreme act of my Mercy, I call you again to take part with me in the only sacrifice of divine Love, the only one who nourishes you, the only one who is true food and true drink during your earthly pilgrimage. I still want to give you life.

Yes, I am here to welcome you with everlasting love.

I know each one of you in the depths of your heart, I know your deepest thoughts. From the womb I already knew you and loved you for a long time.

I know your fidelity, I know if you love me and how much; no whisper of your soul is unknown to me, but I also know all your bad deeds, your ingratitude, your hypocrisy, your thoughts of revenge, of death, of thirst for power. How much do you know how to oppress souls, how many unjust works fill your plans that you study with such cunning. You buy and sell everything, but the painful thing is that you do that with the hope of the souls that have been entrusted to you! My sentence is ready: or do you not remember that each one of you, that each man will have to appear before Me, before my court?

The sheep that I had entrusted to you, many of you have slaughtered, thrown, scandalized, sold, deceived, but although for a long time I have endured all the evil that you have done and concocted within my House and among my people, I also know how many works of true charity and deep love many of you have lived; Like many of my consecrated persons, in the silence of history, they have shed their blood defending the Church and their faith in Me. The heart of many of you has always been a precious treasure for Me, but as a treasure of great value I have set it aside and, despite your mistakes, I have always guided you with immense love and I have protected you from the infernal roots of the weeds.

But now I am here to invite my consecrated children, the priests, and you, my bishops and cardinals, in whose soul the great apostolic seal is imprinted, with much pain in my Sacred Heart, pain of Father and Savior, precisely those who some of you have been stained with idolatry, paganism, sectarianism, who have forgotten me, who enjoy only their privileges of power, who have become uniform to the plans of the world, who want to make a Church without Me, for the MAN who makes himself God, who have ignored the requests and pleas of my Mother and yours to save political and sectarian ends, those who make their voice heard in the corridors of the Palace thinking that I do not hear them and that hell is empty or that it not exists.

Have you forgotten my Gospel? Ah, yes, you often say that they are allegories, that my Words must be interpreted according to the reality of your time, that whoever wrote the Gospel perhaps said things that are not true, that perhaps they are interpretations, that the meaning is not real, and you have invented linguistic traps and others, all very far-fetched, to discredit my Words, but you will discover with infinite bitterness that what I said is perfectly true and nothing was said neither more nor less!

Now here, as Supreme Pontiff, I call you one by one. Convert, dear children, come, let us speak together: although you have deeply wounded my SACRED HEART for a long time, although my Mother does not stop crying and pleading for you before the throne of the Holy Trinity, although the Father is outraged by human injustice and the hatred of one another, I call you, I continue to call you to Me, if you show Me the desire to return to divine Love, to fidelity, to humility, to true participation in the one Eucharistic Sacrifice, if you accept the Cross and you defend it, if my Word lives again strong in your heart and without fear you proclaim the Truth and defend it, if you are true priests of my Kingdom and of my Sanctuary, if you proclaim faith in Me, the only Supreme Pontiff, your only King , Savior, Redeemer, in Me who am the Only Begotten of the Father, the Firstborn of those risen from the dead and who for that reason has defeated it. I am the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Come to Me and I will heal you, I will bandage your wounds and I will heal your souls. I am the only one who can open the Book of Life because I am the obedient and suffering Servant. I am your eternal happiness for you. Come to Me, do not fear, only I can be your true Peace ... I will erase everything that darkens your souls, I will forgive everything, every thought, every word, every plan and every intention against the Church and against Me. I will give you a new and pure heart and a spirit steadfast in faith and truth, full of love.

This is a divine promise and as such, if you really accept it, it will be an indelible promise, but if you do not accept this call of love, if you refuse to return to my Heart in repentance and humility, I truly say to you: it would have been better for you not to have been born, you will know the wrath of God and you will know very well that hell exists, as there is Satan and all his rebellious angels; but that, actually, many of you already know very well, because you are serving them!

I will cut down the cedar of Lebanon, no matter how tall you have become. You have come this far, believing you could serve two masters, but I will cut off all your branches and scatter them everywhere and you will no longer be, nor your memory. Hypocritical man, weak in faith, your words condemn you. Remember, the spirit man can judge everything! But having not done it, I will scatter your leaves in the wind and you will be no more. You had grown up next to the water, but it wasn't enough for you. You have wanted to appear what you are not and now you are no more.

I, Jesus, the Lord, infinitely love my consecrated children and precisely because I love you so much I wanted to write these words to you, I wanted to call you again.

Love is a caress to the soul, but it is also the force to awaken, to call again from the imminent grave danger. The moment is decisive, eternal salvation is at stake; My children, there is no return, there is no other possibility. You don't know, but I do: when my Warning reaches everyone, it will be a great pain for souls; Do not wait, come while I give you time! My call is hard and urgent. You know that I use the smallest means for what I want, I have always done it that way; do not seem strange to you, rather listen and open your heart before it is too late.

I bless each consecrated person who reads and accepts in his heart these words that I address to my Bishops and Cardinals; I bless your hearts, be true apostles, true missionaries: above all, be mine!

I have promised my Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, to grant you seven months in honor of her seven sorrows, if at this moment you open your hearts to my Words, to my call as Pontiff, Father and King, to my invitation of love and forgiveness, and you gather and celebrate a Holy Mass in honor of my Sacred Heart, renewing your sincere love for Me and your faith.

Be careful, children, do not be fooled, do not think that everything is a story and thus ignore my words or say that "nothing, nothing ever happens!" Do not say it, do not think about it, because like a thief I will suddenly come to recover what is mine. The Bridegroom arrived at midnight, but I can arrive at night or by day, you don't know. Watch for your souls, watch and pray without ceasing. The wheat is ripe, the field will remain the same, but the harvest will change. Seek me in the Holy Eucharist; how much you will cry later, knowing how many times you would have been able to find me and hold me in your heart and you didn’t...”

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